Click the button below then zoom in on the village and along the course to see all the points of interest for the event. You can click on the list of points to have it highlight on the map. This is a live map so it should show you where you are currently at (GPS) in relation to the points on the map.


Course Description

The starting line for the 5k/10k and Kids K will be at N Broadway St. and Shadbolt St. 5k/10k runners will travel north on N Braodway St. all the way up to Cedar Bend Dr. After turning right twice in a short distance the race heads back south on N Washington St. Runners will then cross over E Flint Street, remain on Washington and with a distance of just under a mile they will hit the paint creek trail system. All runners will remain on the trail until they reach their correct distance u-turn point. We will have signs, hydration stops, medical, and volunteers at the 5k u-turn point (that all runners may utilize) and then again at the 10k u-turn point (that the 10k runners will utilize). The trail is a bit narrow in town but widens once you get into the forest. Everything should be more than wide enough given people will spread out over the first mile of running around the village before entering the trails. If you've run that section of Paint Creek Trail you know its rolling but nothing drastic and trail shoes are not required, although you may choose to wear them. The terrain is well groomed and hard packed as it's a major trail and traveled frequently. Even in the event of rain or snow the trail should be just fine as it is a typical recreational use trail. We ask that whenever running all runners stay as far to the right as safely possible and although headphones are certainly allowed we ask that you either have one bud in and one out or you keep them at a low enough level so that you can always hear other runners and potential hazards, should they arise.


We will have hydration stops with water, gatorade, and limited gels (gels only at the u-turn of the 10k) as well as at least one basic medical personnel and volunteers at each of the hydration stations / u-turns. Restrooms will be available at the post race party area for use before and after the event. We have every intention of having some restrooms at least at the 10k turn around point (if not also the 5k turnaround) but that depends on if it's allowed by the trail commission. We will update you all soon on that.


As previously mentioned we will have big a-frame u-turns signs on the trail where the 5k turns to head back and where the 10k does the same. In town for the first mile the police will manage a rolling barricade meaning a car will lead the race and be in the very back. Side roads / cross streets will be held up or closed by police as the runners pass and once the end moves beyond those points they will be instantly opened back up. Ahead of the event the areas crossovers will be kept open as long as it's safe to do so closing them just before the lead car and lead runners come through. Cones, and barricades will be used to implement this system. On the trails we will use branded survey/property marker flags that will be on your right as you run along with some branded ribbon tape we will wrap around tree trunks along the way. Once you're on the trail you cannot turn off of the flags and tape will be far more sparse only being put out every so often just for effect. Once you're on a trail that you cannot turn off of going a certain direction simply keep going until you are directed to turn around at the u-turn point.


N Broadway St. will be closed down between Flint and Shadbolt for our starting line chute. We will have some type of crowd control fencing to form the chute along with a big inflatable to gather under. Morning announcements and the anthem will be done from this location as well. We will have self serve water and Gatorade coolers on a table (with cups and trash) near the start line for those needing it. The 5k/10k/Kids K all start from the same start line. The Beer Mile will start from the post race party area. See course maps when they are finished and posted for more details.


The finish line chute and inflatable will be located on S Anderson St. in the street to the side of the parking lot next to Hanson's Running Shop. The post race party is tentatively planned for that parking lot. We are working on alternatives and/or a backup because being Nov in Michigan, weather may be a factor. We will be prepared and update this info as we solidify it. We will have a professional announcer at the finish announcing runners as they cross. 


Post race will have hydration and nutrition. We are looking to secure a local restaurant sponsorship for some delicious warm food catering but at the very least will have a large supply of grocery items (snacks, fruits, veggies, protein) available. Our goal is to have a somewhat larger and warmer food portion though. Both medical and restrooms will also be available at the post race area for use before and after the event. We will have an awards area for that presentation later in the day. We do allow early pickup of awards if you cannot stay for the presentation although we urge every competitor that earns an award to stay and be recognized and recognize others on the podium with them, if possible. 


First and foremost it's important to know the side of the road you are running on. Whenever on pavement (anywhere that's not dirt Paint Creek Trail) you will stay to the right, just like you do when driving a car, allowing faster runners to pass with ease. Whenever on the dirt of the Paint Creek Trail all runners stay to the right as far over as possible not only allowing faster runners to pass but to also give enough room for runners that have already u-turned and are now heading back. The course is long enough, the first mile is wide enough and so are the trails so that we can accommodate 1,000-1,500 runners, especially if the 5k and 10k are split into two race starts. That being said, any amount of runners seems like a lot more when people run 2-3 across and don't pay attention to their surroundings. We ask that your headphones are always on very low so you can hear or that you even take one bud out of your ear so you're always aware of your surroundings. Please also try to run single file or at least run close together if you're running with a friend and talking side by side. Please also use common sense, if there's no one around (behind or in front coming at you) then obviously side by side is ok but if someone comes up on you from either direction, move over and even drop to single file to allow for more room. We appreciate all runners looking out for each other out there to keep the trails clear and easy to run on during the race.