Packet pickup will be held at our official packet pickup partner, Hanson’s Running Shop. We will have staff and volunteers on hand to assist you in getting through the line and providing any answers to your questions you may have. Please make sure you read the entire website for information prior to coming to packet pickup.


3 S Broadway St.
Lake Orion, MI 48362

Please DO NOT call our packet pickup partner for information regarding packet pickup. There staff has limited information they can provide about the event.  If you have questions, please use the CONTACT button at the bottom of the page.  


The packet pickup schedule is subject to change. We will notify registered participants via email if any changes occur. 

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Each participant may pickup their own packet and up to 6 additional packets. Anyone picking up more than 2 packets may be asked to step into a different line to avoid making others wait a long time. If you are picking up more than 2 packets please be patient. All participants must pickup their packet in order to take part in the event. It's essential each runner has their own number (with timing tag on back) pinned to their front on the outermost layer of clothing. Cover numbers do not read well for timing and are not visible making photo identification difficult.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE RUNNERS ALLOWED TO LET OTHER UNREGISTERED RUNNERS RUN THE EVENT (SELLING OR GIVING YOUR BIB AWAY IS NOT PERMITTED)! Runners that do this will be banned from all future events. This is both a safety/medical issue (not knowing who is racing a number assigned to someone else) as well as not permitted for logistics and planning reasons.


To expedite the packet pickup process please bring your event confirmation email (or email sent before the event) with your custom QR/bar code so we can scan your child in. A printed copy is not necessary, you can have the QR code up on your phone screen. If you have it on your phone please make sure the brightness is set to max before getting to the check-in table. 

If you do not have your QR code available, you can resend your confirmation email by visiting your RunSignUp profile page and clicking Manage Your Registration under the Lake Orion Turkey Trot event.

Lines tend to be longest at the beginning of each packet pickup day. Our team will be working diligently to get everyone through the line in the quickest way possible. Please be courteous to other participants and those that have volunteered their time to help make the event a success. 


You will receive multiple items in your race packet including:

  • 1 Custom Run Bib (do not cut, bend, or fold)

    • Do not cut, bend, or fold.

    • Wear the number on the outermost layer of clothing.

    • Do not cover it up.

    • Make sure it's front facing and visible at all times during the event.

  • 1 Timing Tag

    • Located on the back of the Custom Run Bib.

    • Do not remove.

    • Do not cut, bend, or fold.

  • 1 Event Shirt

    • You will receive the size you ordered during registration.

    • This can be changed up until Nov 1 by logging into your RSU account and editing your registration.

    • We cannot change your size at packet pickup for any reason.

    • After the event you may attempt to change your size out at the volunteer tent if we have extras.


We do offer race morning packet pickup, however we do not recommend it. Obviously we do our best to prepare for a big crowd and most the lines quickly but we never know how many will show up race morning or how early/late they will show up. We recommend to avoid any issues getting your bib that you get it on one of the 2 days prior or if you must pick it up race morning that you get there as early as possible and please be patient.