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Timing chips are actually tags stuck to the back of the run numbers. Do not remove, bend, fold, or cut them. If you do they will not work. Please also be sure to wear your number (with chip) forward facing and on your outermost layer of clothing. Failure to do so may effect our ability to get an accurate reading as you cross the start and finish. Please note that we do not time the event ourselves (hardly any event does). We contract it out. Once we have chosen our timing company we will update this page with their name and email so that anyone wishing to contact someone about their results after the event may do so directly.

While timing tends to have a 95-99% accuracy there are glitches from time to time. Manual times (as backups) are usually taken just incase the system actually doesn't electronically record a time here and there but that is extremely rare. Usually when a time is missing it's because the runner selected the wrong gender during registration or switched their last and first name or something like that. Sometimes reader glitches will also place runners into an "unknown" category by their number. We can almost always fix any missing times after a little research. When possible please also record your run with a GPS just incase we need to compare/look at that to help us find your result. Again, very rare that this happens.